Government and Doctors Where Does Responsibility Lie with Healthcare

Government and Doctors What’s The Feds Role?

government and doctorsWe’ve all seen changes in healthcare as spring moves to summer 2013.  While many changes aren’t due year, there have been some pretty significant shifts to the healthcare system, particularly in Medicare.  Shifts like the Hospital readmission fines and planned cuts to Medicare hospital reimbursement plus the 2% sequestration cuts for physicians and hospitals have been enacted with the hopes that it will lower costs and improve the healthcare system as a whole. But looking at it from a different angle, you can pose the question, “Is government doing enough for doctors in healthcare reform?”  The healthcare system only works if it works both ways; for Patients and for Doctors.  If the reform raises costs or reduces reimbursements to the point where many Doctors can’t pay off medical school bills, it may be a deterrent that will lower physician availability in the future.

What Government Must Do For Doctors

We all agree reform needs to be enacted but can we really afford to do so if it threatens physician availability?   The question is, is it the responsibility of the government to recognize this aspect of the healthcare industry.  The relationship between government and doctors has always been love-hate.  There are arguments supporting both sides of these complex arguments but one thing is for sure, a lack of doctors and therefore accessibility for all Patients is a risk that needs to be considered.  Both the patient and doctor are equally important and the government must find a way to make the system work for both.

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